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Our Team

Administrative Team


The STARS Administrative Team consists of IASLC staff and contractors.  They coordinate STARS programs (presentations, speakers, Mentors, activities schedule, etc.), maintain the STARS website, recruit applicants, manage the applications process, and develop resources for STARS. 

Sara Lindsey Patton_edited.jpg

Patient Advocacy Specialist,

Copy of Elda Railey_edited.jpg
Elda Railey

Co-Founder and Director,
Research Advocacy Network (USA)

JFD AACR headshot.jpg
Janet Freeman-Daily

Lung Cancer Research Advocate (diagnosed 2011), Co-Founder The ROS1ders (USA)

STARS 2023-2024 Mentors


STARS Mentors are selected for their experience with research advocacy in the lung cancer community, knowledge of current lung cancer science and research, communication skills, and commitment to helping patient advocates evolve into research advocates. The Mentors review applications, develop program content, present in virtual STARS meetings, participate in STARS networking events, and lead the STARS Scholar full-day workshop at WCLC. Mentors are also available for individual consults with STARS PRAs, Scholars, and Alumni.

Jill Feldman headshot.jpg
Jill Feldman

Lung Cancer Research Advocate (diagnosed in 2009), Co-Founder EGFR Resisters (USA)

Lillian Leigh.jpeg
Lillian Leigh

Lung Cancer Policy Advocate (diagnosed 2015), Board Member of
TOGA (Australia)

Anne-Marie Baird, Ph.D.

President of Lung Cancer Europe,
Lung Cancer Researcher (Ireland)

Upal Basu Roy (cropped).jpg
Upal Basu Roy, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Executive Director of Research, LUNGevity Foundation (USA)

Andrew Ciupek cropped.png
Andrew Ciupek, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Clinical Research, GO2 Foundation (USA)

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